جبيل 1 تموز 2016

Jbeil celebrates New Year Eve twice this year

The Most Extravagant And Creative Christmas Trees Of 2015
December 12 /2015

Christmas trees around the world – in pictures
Thursday 3 December 2015

Our Byblos featured in “Christmas Trees Around the World”
December 4, 2015

Vintage car owners from across Lebanon unite at Byblos city

Byblos CHRISTMAS tree is chosen among the best by the Wall Street Journal

Christmas Trees Around the World

The 20 oldest cities in the world

War, earthquakes, tourism ... the city of Byblos, Lebanon fights for its future

Jbeil launches Resilience Office

BEIRUT: Jbeil Municipality launched a Resilience Office and appointed a resilience officer Thursday, after being selected to be one of 32 cities set to receive technical support and resources as a part of a global network focused on building resilience.

Golden Apple ceremony in Byblos

Byblos(Lebanon) a gift to world Heritage

Byblos’ Resilience Challenge

One of the oldest cities on earth, this city, which has stood the test of time, is working to survive an uncertain future.

Byblos 3D Mapping event 2013 Official Video

Article in liban-voyage.com

Byblos, Lebanon’s Ancient Port, Is Reborn

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